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Parish Hall Floor Help Needed!!!

On August the 21st and the 22nd, a Monday and Tuesday, we will be stripping and finishing the parish hall floors. A generous parishioner who runs a carpet and floor cleaning business is working with us to accomplish this task.

1. All tables and chairs will be removed from the Parish hall and placed in the narthex on Sunday, August 20th by men from the Spanish Mass at the direction of Ramel.


2. Work will begin at 8am on the Monday, August 21 with a sweeping of the entire parish hall floor and then proceeding with the stripping of the floor: Stripping will be done with two rotating buffers and a stripping solution. Ramel will furnish and operate one buffer. SJM will rent another buffer to be picked up by Ruben Rodriguez on Monday.


3. Help will be needed for removal of the residue resulting from the stripping. This is removed with mops and water. many trips to the mop sink will be necessary to remove all the residue from the entire parish hall floor. It would be good to have at least two men doing this while two others are working the buffers. Caution on the removal of the stripping residue: the floor can get really slippery. If you have some slip resistant shoes that would be a good precautionary measure.


4. The stripping should be completed on the first day. Hopefully it can be done  8am to 6pm.


5. On August 22nd, we will begin work again at, 8am and begin the process of applying the sealer and final floor finish. This is done again with mops and there is some drying time in between applications. The application of clear sealer and finish will probably take 3 different applications to the entire parish hall floor.

Please contact the front office and let us know the times you can help. We will be needing as much help as possible. The more the merrier. 

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