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St. Justin Martyr Knights of Columbus, Council 8293, has received the distinction of being
a “Star Council,” the international organization’s top award for local councils. The Star
Council Award recognizes overall excellence in the areas of membership promotion of fraternal
insurance benefits, sponsorship of faith formation programs and service-oriented activities.
Here are some of the Star quality accomplishments of Council 8293:
  • Seminarian support ($500 donated)

  • The Rosary programs (the Rosary prayed ant every meeting and the “Rabbi’s Rosary”

circulated among the members)
  • Rosaries given to First Communion students and Confirmation students

  • Support of SJM Social Ministries ($500 donated and 100+ hours of volunteering)

  • KC Family Week

  • Promotion of participation in the Good Friday Liturgies

  • The Global Wheelchair Mission ($1500 donated)

  • Scholarships for graduating Seniors

  • Participation in the annual Texas Rally for Life in Austin, TX

  • The Mass for People with Special Needs on Feb. 11th

  • The Silver Rose devotions

  • And many other parish projects

Council 8293 has become a Star Council for many years in a row.


  • Last year, 4,911 Catholic gentlemen joined the Knights of Columbus in Texas,

the highest total in 119 years.

  • Texas KC donated $968,966 to KC State Charities which will allow nearly

$740K to be returned to the Bishops of the 15 Dioceses in Texas for their
respective charities.

  • 208 Councils in Texas became STAR CUNCILS – a new state record !

  • Last year, Texas led he American Wheelchair Mison intake with around

$725K. The closest competitor was California with $200K.
This year Texas KCs donated over $966K, while California was second again
with around $225K.


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